You Can Have Your Life Back.

Receive expert online counseling that is backed by the science of mental health. Reclaim your life with proven treatments for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Religious Trauma, and Grief.

9 out of 10 clients report improvement in just 12 weeks.

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The Tempest Difference

Specialized Expertise

Be confident in your treatment. Our counselors are uniquely trained to address your specific mental health needs.

Proven Methods

Have peace of mind. Our counselors are using treatment approaches proven effective by rigorous scientific studies.

Fast Recovery

Get better faster. 9 out of 10 clients report a reduction in symptoms and improved life satisfaction in under 12 weeks.

Online Convenience

Never miss a session. Receive expert online counseling in the comfort of your home through video-based conferencing.

What Clients Are Saying About Tempest Counseling

"I've spent years working with other counselors, and Tempest Counseling has helped me more in our first session than years elsewhere. They are so effective, I can't recommend them enough."
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"My counselor made me feel comfortable from the start which was very important to me. He is a great listener and gave me the feedback and guidance that I desperately needed. I feel more at peace and I am forever grateful."
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"My counselor is very personable, and has a clear and practical approach. I feel he has been instrumental to my personal growth and has been able to help me. I'm glad to have found him."
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What Tempest Does

With nationally certified clinical mental health counselors (NCC), certified clinical trauma professionals (CCTP), and certified clinical anxiety treatment professionals (CCATP), Tempest counselors are trained to provide science-based treatment for a wide variety of life challenges and diagnoses while specializing in the following major areas:


Over 17 million adults in the United States suffer from depression every year. It’s an experience that often feels like treading water in the open ocean, slowly tiring, little by little, just waiting for that final wave to pull you under. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. Depression often responds well to treatment, and Tempest counselors are able to apply the leading evidence-based treatments for depression.


It’s the sleepless nights we lie awake with worry. It’s the sweaty palms and racing heartbeat. It’s the constant sense of dread or panic. It’s the inability to do the things we want to do because we can almost tangibly feel the walls closing in. Luckily, the body of research surrounding the treatment of anxiety is vast. Tempest counselors are trained to bring that research to bear in promoting wellness and recovery with anxiety and panic attacks.

Religious Trauma.

For many, religion provides a source of comfort and hope. Unfortunately, when religion becomes toxic, it can continue to do damage long after it has been left behind. With counselors that have extensive training in both trauma treatments and global religions, Tempest Counseling brings a unique perspective in overcoming the damage imposed by harmful forms of religion.

Complex Trauma.

Trauma impacts far more people that we once realized. Military trauma, childhood abuse, sexual trauma, school shootings, and even vicarious trauma can lead to avoidance and life-changing symptoms that undermine the ability to function healthily. With Certified Clinical Trauma Professionals trained in numerous trauma treatment approaches, Tempest Counseling can help you recover the life that was stolen.

National Praise For Tempest Counseling

"As a member of leadership at the local, state, and national level, I have had opportunities to associate with clinicians of extraordinary talent. Thomas, the founder of Tempest Counseling, is one of those clinicians. He understands the complications surrounding mental health and possesses the skills necessary to intervene on his client's behalf."
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Dr. Stephen Giunta
Past President, American Mental Health Counseling Association